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Geofood Association – « the geography of alimentation »

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For international food lovers living in Paris, the discovery of new flavors, scents, and visual stimuli can verge on sensory overload.  Despite gastronomic enthusiasm and awe, we often don’t know the history behind the products we’re consuming – how our favorite baker makes such perfect croissants, what the wines from a specific region will taste like, or how the (more than 300) cheeses available in France are made in such a wide variety of textures, tastes, and odors.  The truth is, most contemporary Parisians don’t know the answer to these questions either; that’s why a group of undergraduate and masters students studying “the geography of alimentation” (the who, what, when, where and why of food and eating) created the Geofood Association.

Once a month, these students organize educational “dégustations” (tastings) that are open to the public.  Products including wine, truffles, cheese and chocolate are presented by industry professionals, who explain the origins and fabrication of each product, its role in the current food industry, and how to detect subtle differences in flavor, texture, scent, and appearance.  At more reasonable price than tastings aimed at tourists, these events are an exceptional opportunity to meet some of the most influential players in French gastronomy and taste top-quality products.  The only caveat (for non-francophone participants) is that the presentations are exclusively in French.

lien du site : http://www.vingtparismagazine.com/2010/05/geofood-association.html

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